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It is our mission to provide the nation’s best staffing agency and executive search solution. We genuinely care about the people we serve! We attribute our high standards of personal service as the primary reason why we score such a high retention rate with our workers. Overall, we believe our dedication to our clients is what sets us apart.

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One size does NOT fit all. What type of employment are you seeking?


Full service, project based staffing for non-profits and foundations. From Administration, Finance and Fundraising Specialists to Marketing, Web Design and Technology.  We have a position for you!


Don’t want to work full time? We have positions that work around your schedule. A few hours each day, only a few days a week, weekends only? Let us find you the perfect match.


Want to check out an organization before making a commitment? Not sure your current career path is right for you? Many organizations offer a Temporary position for one to three months allowing both employer and employee to be sure the fit is right. Ask us for more info!

Direct Hire (Part-time/Full-time):

Want to experience the traditional job seeking experience? Apply for the position of your dreams, interview directly with the company and accept a part time or full time offer. We have contacts at some of the most sought after companies in the country.

Contract Consulting:

Do you want to negotiate your own terms? Perhaps working under contract is for you. Negotiate the schedule, scope of work and payment directly with a leading company in your field. Share your expertise with those who respect and revere your years of experience.  Contractors are extremely cost effective for companies looking to cut employment expenses. Is this for you?


Straight commission and salary plus commission positions can be extremely lucrative for the right person. Are you that person? Large companies offer bonuses and incentives for meeting quotas and reaching sales goals. Are you up for the challenge?

Specialized Leadership:

Are you a high level leader in your field? CEO, COO, CFO? The top firms in the country are looking for leaders with vision, charisma and a proven track record. Do you have the drive to run with the bid dogs?

We are continually looking for executives, academic scholars, and researchers to collaborate with, and to expand our knowledge base and internal network. Networks constantly evolve, emerge, and adapt, and so does ours. If you are dedicated to the advancement of industry knowledge and have an extensive background relating to published white papers and technology trends as they relate to the services industry, please contact us.

Let us help you find or create the best culture.