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According to a new survey by National Association of Colleges and Employers¬†(NACE), 56 percent of career center directors said students’ lack of interest in formal career preparation and professional development is preventing graduates from finding a job. An additional 47 percent said students lack the motivation to look for a job. Infotech Sourcing wants to change these stats with proper coaching and support on career planning, interviewing and presenting your skills via the right tools to kick start your career.

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Who is Infotech Sourcing looking for?

Technical & CIS

Infotech Sourcing provides the leading experts in a wide variety of industries. If your field of study is Graphic Design, Programming, or any of the Engineering fields we are waiting to match you with the best employers in the world.

Administration & Support

No matter what your previous experience or education, Infotech Sourcing can help you assess your previous experience, highlight your existing skills and find the right position to utilize your knowledge, experience and background for the right administrative and supporting role.

Natural & Environmental Sciences

As a green organization, Infotech Solutions takes pride in it’s affiliations with like minded organizations. Providing Eco-Conscious professionals with organizations that can truly make a difference.

Media, Communication & Marketing

Infotech¬†Sourcing¬† understands the business world and it’s need for vision and proactivity. Professionals in the Marketing and Communication fields must be cutting edge. If you are up to the challenge, we are waiting to meet you! Ever growing, ever planning we are learning today to meet tomorrow’s needs and are providing the personnel to be future leaders.

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