Military skills can provide a big advantage in the civilian job market if you know how to leverage them.

It is widely known that military service provides a amazing opportunity for individuals to gain specialized skills and unique knowledge while serving our country.  From technical skills to administration, from mechanical and engineering to supply chain and inventory management the military provides comprehensive and ongoing training to it’s personnel. Infotech Sourcing is looking for people with this training. Infotech Sourcing’s employers are seeking skilled individuals who have a proven track record of dedication, work ethic and organization that only the military provides.

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Even if your military training does not have a direct civilian equivalent we can help you. If you have returned to school to learn new skills and are now looking for employment your time in the military sends you to the head of the line! Among equally qualified applicants Infotech Sourcing applies veteran’s preference allowing former military additional opportunities during the application process.

Services Offered

  • resume preparation advice
  • interview coaching
  • assistance in career planning
  • outlines of what to expect between military and public employment
  • wounded veterans assistance

Free Advice

As you begin your transfer from military service to public employment, here are some points to keep in mind.

Connections.  Your network will be a way to market yourself. Even if your associates are still in the military, they might know someone who is looking for your talents. Reach out to them and advertise your search. Our large network here at Infotech Sourcing can also be leveraged.

Accessibility. Be sure to have a way to be contacted quickly. Our approach is successful when we have immediate contact with you. As you learned in the military, communicators is one of the number one paths toward success.

Practice. We will help you learn how to talk the talk and walk the walk. However, you need to practice. We can coach you and create mock interviews to put you in the hot seat and force you to talk about yourself in the best light.

Creative. Some companies have a false belief that military personal are not able to be creative. We believe you are one of the best candidates to problem solve, create new strategies and also know the best leaders do still know how to follow. It takes a balance.

Let us help you find or create the best culture.