Contract to hire

Many of today’s job seekers wants flexibility in their work and they don’t want to be stuck in a job or culture where they are not a fit.  An option for them to consider is Contract-to-Hire (C2H).  Contract-to-hire roles can be a good option for candidate and employer   It provides the contractor with an opportunity to gain firsthand insight to the employer, the pulse of the organization, the culture and the overall role they are undertaking, before committing to becoming a full-time employee.  On the flip side, the employer gets an opportunity to do exactly the same, they can evaluate the skills of the contractor, determine if he’s good fit for the role and better evaluate if the candidate is a good cultural fit for Full Time hire.

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Contract-to-hire roles are very prevalent within many industries and sectors in today’s workplace and can be found in a many job categories.

C2H provides our clients with a specific means to a desired end. Contract-to-Hire agreements outline a set length of time a contractor will work for the employer. At the end of that set period, the employer then has the option and decides if the contractor will be good fit internally and hired as a permanent employee or dismiss the contractor.

Our teams provide qualified C2H resources in the following areas:

Finance, Accounting, and Auditing

– (Directors, Controllers, Managers, Consultants)

Human Resources

– (VP’s, Directors, Managers, HRIS, Generalists)

Information Technology

– (BI/DataScience, Web, Mobile, Software, Networking, Engineering, Security, DevOps, Product Lead)


– (Online/Ecommerce, OmniChannel, Supply Chain, and Print)


– (VP, Director of Operations, and Operations Managers)

PR & Communications

– (Executives, Managers)


– (VP’s, Managers, Account Staff)